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Hot Water and Hygiene go Hand in Hand

For catering managers focussed on ensuring good hygiene remains at the heart of their operation, the provision of 24/7 commercial grade hot water is a critical tool for the delivery of food safety on their premises. Old, inefficient, incorrectly installed or poorly maintained systems can rapidly lead to failure and impact critical daily hygiene protocols such as kitchen washdowns.

The number of businesses sentenced in court for catering hygiene offences has more than doubled since 2013*. Despite the vast majority of businesses working hard to meet their hygiene and safety obligation, the number of firms convicted of offences rose from about 60 in 2013 to 130 in 2016 and has remained consistent since then.

Irresponsible businesses are being held more accountable for poor conduct, and fines for organisations have increased by approximately £5,000 to an average of £7,100 under new sentencing guidelines. 94% of those convicted of food safety and hygiene offences in 2017 received a fine.

As a commercial hot water and heating specialist, Adveco offers unparalleled experience in the design, supply and commissioning of bespoke systems to the restaurant and leisure sectors. We help ensure that a business can rely on a system to meet their critical demands for hot water to address staff and premises hygiene. Additionally, Adveco’s team of designers and warranty service engineers will ensure new or refurbished systems are sustainable, efficient and cost-effective to operate.

*Source: NFU Mutual