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Hydrogen Blend Supported By Adveco Water Heaters & Boilers

  • ADplus and AD condensing gas water heaters support 20% hydrogen blend
  • MD Boiler range supports 20% hydrogen blend
  • Enables commercial organisations with existing gas connections to begin transitioning towards net zero with proven, cost-effective technology

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco, announces its range of ADplus and AD condensing gas water heaters, and MD gas boilers are all 20% hydrogen blend ready without the need for any modification for commercial DHW or heating projects.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said,

“Customers working on commercial projects can continue to commit with peace of mind to gas-fired water heating applications where connections already exist. With our instantaneous ADplus, semi-instantaneous AD, and the MD boiler range all 20% hydrogen blend ready, they instantly gain an opportunity to embrace more sustainable gas supplies by the end of the decade.”

Adveco’s current range of high efficiency, ultra-low emission gas-fired condensing water heaters and boilers from Adveco deliver advanced burner technology and rugged titanium stainless steel construction of the heat exchangers that ensure optimal operation and longevity. For models with multiple heat exchangers, smart balancing helps reduce operational costs, further extends the life of the appliance, and provides built-in redundancy to ensure there is no downtime for business-critical demands of domestic hot water.

This ensures Adveco’s ADplus, AD and MD will continue to operate well into the 2030s while delivering on the desire to decarbonise operations in the most cost-effective manner as hydrogen blending becomes commonplace.

Adveco’s proven technology provides a practical, future-proof choice today with a clear path to the adoption of future generations of proven 100% hydrogen appliances as the gas network matures and greens.

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