Adveco training hotel engineers

Adveco Goes the Extra Mile when it comes to Training

Adveco usually provides a wide range of training resources, from Continuing Professional Development seminars to practical demonstrations of heating and hot water installations for gas engineers at our purpose built training facility within the company’s headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire. When it is not feasible for customers to visit our headquarters, we are able to provide onsite technical training, which was a recent requirement for the Rendezvous ‘stolen time’ Hotel. This award-winning hotel has installed two A.O.Smith BFC120 fully room-sealed condensing high-efficiency water heater appliances along with solar preheat, all supplied by Adveco, to provide site-wide domestic hot water.

One of the world’s first boutique hotels dedicated to couples only, Rendezvous is located on Malabar beach, a two-mile stretch of golden sand on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Our long-suffering technical team found themselves required to attend this elegant, luxurious island retreat. Despite the distractions of exotic Caribbean buffet meals, and sun-kissed hammocks swinging in the ocean breeze below the palm trees, they knuckled down and ran in-depth training for hotel engineers Joel Etienne, Alvin Volney, Mickael Charlouis, Roland Isaac, Cameron Asambert, and their manager Derrick Leslie. Together they support the facilities at Rendezvous and other hotels within the group.

For a hotel that prides itself in being the perfect, tranquil, luxury getaway, ensuring a readily available provision of hot water to the 100 guest suites, restaurants and bars is a critical part of daily operations. Adveco was pleased to be able to support the team on the ground to ensure they had all the necessary knowledge to support the consistent operation of the hotel’s new hot water system.

Adveco.Adveco offer training for heating and hot water and water engineers, on site or at our premises.

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Adveco 2019 product brochure banner

Adveco 2019 Product Overview now available

For almost 50 years, Adveco Ltd. and sister-company Adveco (AWP) Ltd. (trading as AO Smith Water Heaters) have been the trusted specialist providers of bespoke hot water, heating and power systems to the building services industry.

Adveco brochure - product overview 2019.

Adveco 2019 Product Brochure

Adveco continues to innovate today, working in exclusive partnership with Europe’s most reputable manufacturers to design, supply and support more than a thousand commercial boiler, hot water, solar thermal and cogeneration systems every year. The 2019 Adveco Product Overview Brochure serves as a quick reference document covering a wide range of Adveco and A.O.Smith commercial hot water and heating equipment including: condensing gas water heaters; storage tanks, oil & electric water heaters; solar thermal; boiler cascade systems; stainless steel cylinders, thermal storage tanks, carbon steel buffers, combined heat & power (CHP); packaged plant rooms and bespoke system offerings.

If you are seeking support in the design, supply, commissioning or servicing of business-critical hot water, heating and power then this brochure is a useful tool to have to hand.

Hard copy versions of the brochure will be available from December, please get in touch if you wish to request a copy. Or download the digital version now.

SECR Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting

Hybrid Hot Water & Power, The Future for Existing Buildings

The UK Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels. While much focus has been placed on the application of renewable technologies for new and off-gas grid domestic dwellings throughout the 2020s, by far the greatest potential for addressing change comes through the refurbishment of systems within existing buildings. Especially those throughout the commercial sector that exhibit high, consistent demand for hot water, heat and power.

What then is the answer to reducing carbon in existing buildings?

In its latest seminar – The Effect of Lower Carbon Intensity Electricity on Renewable Technologies for Existing Buildings – Adveco considers how the addition of solar thermal, combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration or heat pumps can support existing gas systems, and address air quality and reduction of carbon emissions from existing building stock while providing operational cost savings.

Committed to partnering with its commercial and government customers, Adveco’s programme of seminars and CPDs offer the latest insight on hot water sizing, CHP and solar thermal to help support the creation, or adaptation of existing buildings to be comfortable, efficient, functional, safe and sustainable through better design, supply, commissioning and service of lower carbon business-critical hot water, heating and power.

Registration to attend the seminar was free at CIBSE Build2Perform on Wednesday 28th November 2018

Adveco commercial hot water and heating.Speak to Adveco about tackling global warming through efficient, low-carbon commercial hot water and heating systems (For schools, hospitals and care homes too!)

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CHP & domestic hot water for care accommodation

Combined Heating and Power Brings Comfort for Veterans Care

Owned and operated by the registered charity Our Wilton Trust, the Veterans Hub project serves as part of a unique campus to support military veterans. Sited at the former Erskine Barracks in Wilton, Wiltshire, the hub provides a total of 44 high quality and contemporary studio, one-, and two-bedroom flats in addition to training and social enterprise opportunities.

A well designed and reliable heating and hot water system is paramount to care and accommodation buildings, where the comfort and wellbeing of residents can require year-round energy demands and a reliable source of hot water. Our Wilton’s Veterans Hub, like most care and residential applications, exhibits a continuous electrical demand alongside a significant, but varied, hot water and heating usage pattern. To meet this demand, the most effective design was that of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or cogeneration, preheat domestic hot water system.

CHP is the simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy from a single source of fuel, and is an effective method of significantly increasing the energy efficiency of a building. Producing electricity by connecting an engine to a generator at the point of consumption can achieve similar levels of generation efficiency to that of a conventional power plant, while also eliminating the energy losses associated with transmitting power over long distances. The waste heat produced in the process is additionally recovered through a series of heat exchangers and used towards the thermal energy demands of the building, ensuring that minimal fuel energy is lost as exhaust. Sizing a CHP unit to meet the thermal energy requirements – knowing that there will always be an electrical demand to make use of the produced power – allows the machine to maximise its contribution to a building’s overall efficiency.

Our Wilton turned to Adveco Ltd., specialists in advanced heating and hot water systems, which supplied a TOTEM T20 m-CHP cogeneration system. The Adveco T20 CHP serves as the central part of a domestic hot water system designed by Contractors Design Partner (CDP), and brings high-efficiency renewable technology to the accommodation building. The use of CHP allows the building to meet strict building standards, increasing energy efficiency while lowering harmful emissions in an environmentally friendly answer to the building’s year-round domestic hot water requirements.

The system design features the 20kWe, 42kWTh TOTEM micro-cogenerator operating by heating an Adveco MSS 3000 litre thermal storage tank, which in turn feeds an A.O. Smith IT 1000 litre pre-heat vessel and two further IT 1000 DHW indirect calorifiers.

A correctly sized thermal store allows the CHP to run for extended periods of time while it heats up – all the while providing low carbon power to the building – ready to cover periods of peak usage. This arrangement allows the CHP to supply the full domestic hot water requirement for the building. A 140 kW A.O. Smith Upsilon boiler cascade has additionally been installed to serve as a top-up energy source for periods of excess or off-peak demand while the thermal store is recharging. The use of supplementary boilers additionally increases the overall reliability of the system by adding further heating redundancy.

Adveco designs CHP system for veteran's care accommodations (Thermal storage tanks, boilers)

CHP and hot water system from Adveco meets wide needs of Veteran’s Hub

The CHP, boilers, thermal storage tank and indirect water heaters supplied by Adveco alongside ancillaries, safety, and flue components create a bespoke and practical DHW system that prioritises low-carbon heat generation in a high-efficiency arrangement. The use of renewables leads to an estimated annual carbon saving in excess of 9,000 kg CO2.

The Adveco TOTEM CHP is the first in a new generation of micro-cogenerators, featuring market-leading efficiencies and the lowest NOX and CO2 emissions available from any CHP within its class. Designed and built in Italy by Totem-Energy s.r.l., the TOTEM is the result of 40 years of continuous research and development, and features components purpose-built for operation on natural gas. A 1.4-litre Fiat Fire engine, sourced directly from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – the developers of the original TOTEM in 1978 – and an ECU supplied and tuned by automotive experts Magneti Marelli allow the TOTEM to achieve unparalleled cogeneration quality and reliability. With NOX emissions at <12 mg/kWh, the TOTEM remains one of the few CHP appliances on the market that is still eligible for full points under the revised POL02 category of the 2018 BREEAM New Construction Scheme, even when installed in high pollution urban areas.

In addition to its market-leading efficiencies, the TOTEM CHP offers improved reliability through features such as a self-change oil system to reduce its maintenance demand and extend engine lifetime. The TOTEM has also been designed as a fully serviceable appliance that can be repaired and overhauled on-site with minimal effort to ensure operation is resumed promptly.

The Totem T20 CHP gives Our Wilton a single, reliable system to both meet the demands of the varied accommodations and provide the versatility to meet future demands for hot water and power across this unique project.

Download the story here: Adveco Our Wilton Veterans Care (PDF)