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Traditionally building contracts will see a client appoint consultants to undertake the design and then a contractor to deliver construction. More recently, a popular method of procurement has been to opt for a single contractor to be appointed to design, or complete the design, and then to construct the works.

Under such design and build, or D&B contracts, the client will typically have its own design team scope requirements, with responsibility for the detailed design falling to the contractor, ensuring single-point liability for the design and its delivery. Despite some early misgivings, relationships between design-and-build contractors and their consultants are typically harmonious, as both parties work towards delivering a successful project. Under JCT81, the contractor’s task is “to complete the design for the works”. Even if the detailed design is subbed to specialist design consultants, the substantial task of coordinating the various design elements almost always resides with the contractor.

Unsurprisingly it is popular from the client side as it simplifies projects to have a single point of responsibility once the contract is awarded. In addition, it opens opportunities to engage with not only the contractor and design team earlier in the design process but also the supply chain, which offers the opportunity to substantially improve the project, whilst also allowing for overlap of design and construction reducing the overall project delivery time.

Traditional method v design and build method.

As an application and system design and supply specialist, Adveco is uniquely placed to support D&B contractors if brought on early in the design process. Project contracts – which include JCT81, ICE Design and Construct, NEC Design and Build and GC/Works/1 Single Stage Design and Build – have or can be adapted to incorporate design and build variants, which means having the option to integrate bespoke commercial heating, hot water and low carbon energy selections into a design early in the process is truly advantageous.

Taking on responsibility for the design and construction for a pre-agreed price means the contractor also takes on much of the financial risk. It is understandable then that in order to make cost savings, the contractor may at times feel corralled into decisions that could impact on desired quality. But by working with an independent provider, such as Adveco, there is a far broader range of options when it comes to defining the actual needs of a particular project.

Just as with the client, if the contractor can secure a single source for expert hot water & heating design and supply, then it simplifies the process considerably. When brought on early in the project it allows for more accurate sizing, which reduces both the capital expenditure of the project and long-term operational costs of the system. This helps to avoid the need for exploiting specifications that can be open to interpretation and compromising on the build. With a broad choice of the most cost-effective and future-proof low/zero-emission systems that typically exceed the latest round of building regulations, it becomes possible to bring added value to the building for the client.

It also provides the option to better define systems that can leverage the advantages of off-site construction, for higher quality build and rapid site installation with prefabricated packaged plant rooms. That is crucial since we recognise the scope for a contractor to obtain an extension of time for a project is usually severely curtailed. Adveco rounds out the installation phase, providing experienced engineers to commission all appliances prior to project handover to the customer. Working with Adveco can also provide continuity of service as we continue to provide manufacturer levels of warranty service and maintenance for up to ten years on certain appliances.

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