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Adveco’s MD Boiler Range Highly Commended as Best Commercial HVAC Product of the Year in the 25th Anniversary H&V News Awards

The MD range of high efficiency condensing gas boilers, from commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco, achieved a Highly Commended Award as Best Commercial HVAC Product of the Year in the 2019 silver anniversary H&V News Awards.

David O’Sullivan, managing director, Adveco said;

“As a proudly independent UK business with almost 50 years of heritage in the design, supply and servicing of business critical systems we are incredibly excited to have our range of new MD boilers be so highly recognised in this, the silver anniversary year of the H&V News Awards. To have our expertise in sustainable systems for commercial heating highlighted in this way is hugely gratifying for our entire team who work tirelessly in close partnership with our customers to create and deliver better resolutions for modern commercial operations.”

Compact and lightweight, MDs can be installed in a number of configurations to make the most of available, often minimal plant room floor space, yet still provide up to 2.24 MW in a cascade of a possible eight units. Enough for a wide range of commercial heating applications where the consistent delivery of hot water for heating is a business critical requirement.

Low CO and NOₓ emission levels (34mg/kWh) mean that a heating system built around an MD high efficiency condensing boiler easily satisfies the requirements of the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive. This makes MD the perfect appliance for the refurbishment of old gas boilers, or it can be installed in conjunction with an air source heat pump as part of a hybrid system, providing both sustainability and the operational responsiveness required by larger scale commercial systems.

MD offers peace of mind with built-in redundancy, with multiple load balanced heat exchangers in a single chassis. All backed by a seven-year warranty on all parts and labour when commissioned by Adveco and a 10-year warranty on both the heat exchangers and the pre-mix burner.

Keith Day Adveco marathon run

Running Hot

“This is the biggest challenge I have set myself both mentally and physically but one I am now ready to tackle,” says Adveco’s Keith Day, who is in final preparation to run this year’s London Marathon on Sunday 28th April.

Keith was fortunate to secure a ballot place in 2018, but while training suffered a knee injury which resulted in having to defer his place to 2019. “After a year of physio, training and wanting to set my running kit on fire, I’m now in the final week of training and steaming towards the big day,” grins Keith.

This time a year ago Keith’s focus was to complete in a time around the four-hour mark, but 2019 is different: “This year my plan is to soak up the atmosphere, have fun, engage with the crowd and actually finish, whatever time that will be, while hopefully not ugly crying. “

Keith is running on behalf Basingstoke based St Michaels Hospice. The charity enables anyone faced with a life-limiting illness, their families and carers, to attain the highest possible quality of life by providing a choice of specialist care and support. “The work this charity carries out is outstanding,” says Keith, “It has always been my Charity of choice when it comes to fundraising.”

Adveco will be supporting Keith every gruelling mile. One thing we all know is that it takes real character to complete such a challenge. Character is the one Keith is certainly not lacking in.

If you care to join us in supporting Keith’s run and the work of St Michaels Hospice then please use this link and help Keith raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity…

Adveco Packaged Plant Room swings into place

Accommodating a Modern Commercial Hot Water System

Provisioning a modern, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable business critical hot water and heating system is not necessarily straight forward for some sites. They may be limited in terms of existing plant room space, or in the case of much older buildings, have no dedicated plant room space at all. Other sites may face limitations in terms of when work can actually be carried out on site. If a works window is especially narrow it can preclude larger scale project work.

At Adveco, we have a deep experience of designing and supplying fully bespoke commercial hot water, heating and cogeneration of power and heat systems across numerous vertical markets and to all kind of new build and refurbishment projects.

When a project faces the kinds of limitations outlined, one answer is to make use of an external plant room to relocate essential building services, increasing the availability of valuable internal areas.

Adveco Packaged Plant Room truck delivery.As a packaged plant room is prefabricated off-site, with all appliances, controls and ancillaries pre-fitted and connected – using stainless steel (heating) or copper (DHW) crimp pipework – as standard, we can drastically reduce on-site labour demands and deliver rapid progression of project timescales.

Fit for purpose

Packaged plant room.Adveco will size, design, and manufacture to order enclosures made from reinforced weatherproof GRP with a steel base and checker plate floor suitable for placement beside or on top of buildings with a flat roof space. When delivered to the project location, the plant room can be simply craned into position and just requires flues, external pipework and final electrical connections to be completed.

Adveco additionally offers final commissioning services and warranty servicing on the appliances for assured longevity of operation.

Discover more about Adveco’s bespoke Packaged Plant Rooms.

Build2Perform stand banner

Adveco Gears Up For Build2Perform 2019

Build2Perform 2019 is already shaping up to be the key event for commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco, this year the company will be showcasing a range of new product launches for the UK and European markets as well as presenting the latest appliances from A.O. Smith Water Heaters.

These products will all be backed by thorough warranty service and maintenance which Adveco is pleased to announce have been extended for A.O. Smith products range. This includes new warranty periods of two years on parts for the condensing range of products and a three-year warranty as standard on all A.O. Smith tanks.
For Adveco’s MD range of floor standing condensing boilers, which were first shown at Build2Perform 2018, Adveco now offers a market leading seven-year warranty on parts and labour which extends to 10 years on the burner and heat exchangers.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco said, “These new, extended warranty periods reflect the belief we have in the quality of our products and gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to specifying for their business-critical hot water and heating systems.”

The warranty period covering parts commences from date of delivery, but to ensure consistent and prolonged system life, customers are advised that all Adveco and A.O. Smith products should receive a manufacturer’s commissioning by Adveco. By opting to commission a product with Adveco, customers not only gain a matching labour warranty, but the parts and labour warranty period will commence from the commissioning date.

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Hot Water Redundancy Without the Cost of Multiple Water Heaters

Adveco designed backup electric immersion heater for the A.O. Smith Innovo IR range of condensing gas water heaters

Specialist commercial hot water and heating provider Adveco, announces the launch of the EB0037, a fully bespoke backup 9 kW 3-phase electric immersion heater specially designed to fit the A.O. Smith Innovo IR range of condensing gas water heaters.

The Innovo range, consisting of nine condensing room-sealed gas water heaters with an output capacity ranging from 11.7 to 31.3 kW and a volume of 160 to 380 litres, offers a design that allows for the installation of a backup electric immersion heater to ensure supply continuity of business critical hot water.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco says;

“The addition of a backup electric immersion element provides a building with a level of hot water redundancy without necessitating the costly installation of multiple water heaters – the most common alternative for achieving system redundancy. It effectively guarantees the provision of hot water so as long as there is power to the building.”

The Adveco EB0037 is a Nicalloy 825 sheathed immersion heater, with a stainless steel oval flange and gasket designed to fit onto the water heater clean-out access, and then is uniquely shaped to fit around the heat exchanger at the bottom of the Innovo IR water heater tank.

The immersion heater can be installed as an independent element activated via a rotary isolator, or can be paired with an Adveco auto-changeover control panel to automatically activate in the event of a water heater fault. This panel can also trigger SMS or email notifications to inform the site management or service partner of the fault for rapid resolution.