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Corrosion in Commercial Heating and Hot Water Systems: Part 1


Part 1 – Recognising the Causes of Corrosion Most metals will deteriorate or corrode, sometimes to a more stable chemical state through oxidation or reduction. This occurs over time when metals are in direct contact with any water, rusted iron being the most familiar, but it can also affect copper, lead, aluminium, zinc, and numerous … Read more

Peak Demands

Paul Hills, Adveco’s Account Sales Manager for North London & East Anglia, is preparing for an adventure of a lifetime, as this Friday he sets out to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in northeast Tanzania and in plain view of bordering Kenya, the snow-dusted dormant volcanic peak rises to a majestic 5,895 m from the surrounding savannah, the … Read more

Meeting the Demands For Commercial Hot Water

New research issued today on the commercial water heater market by Global Market Insights, predicts the global market will grow to more than £5.4 billion by 2024. Significant investment toward the development of smart cities and construction of new sustainable infrastructure is enhancing the overall industry outlook, with the report highlighting 100-250 litre commercial systems … Read more