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The Cogeneration Gap – Part 3 Caring for the Environment

Berry Court care home plant room installation.

We have considered the reasons for implementing m-CHP in new builds and upgrading care homes. In this third and final blog in the series, we consider one last deciding factor, the environmental impact of local cogeneration… The carbon savings have long been an advantage of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and can still be achieved, … Read more

The Cogeneration Gap – Part 2 Embracing CHP

TOTEM T20 CHP unit (Combined Heat and Power unti) in a residential care home.

In the first part of this short blog series on the application of micro-CHP within residential care homes Adveco explained why CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is often chosen for new builds. In this second part, we turn our attention to why you would upgrade existing facilities to m-CHP… The cost of deploying CHP within … Read more

The Cogeneration Gap – Part 1

CHP for residential care homes (Combined Heat and Power).

Often seen as an ideal application within the residential care home, in this short blog series Adveco discusses the argument for onsite energy cogeneration, the operational costs, the environmental impact and highlights the increasing performance gap between ‘dirty CHP’ and the latest generation of highly efficient micro-CHP… Whether building a new residential care home or … Read more

Legionella Precautions When Reopening Buildings

Legionella Precautions When Reopening Buildings

Find the Legionella risk assessment for your building. Restart hot water systems 24 hours before the building is to be reoccupied. Test water temperatures. Get expert advice if a building’s occupants’ health places them in a high-risk category. Commercial hot water and heating specialist, Adveco, today offered a precautionary warning against the dangers of Legionella … Read more