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Adveco CWT – Chilled Water Reimagined

Adveco completes the reimagining of its chilled water vessel offering with CWT.  Following the introduction of the premium Chilled Water System (CWS) tanks, it now re-releases its Chilled Water Tank (CWT) range with a complete redesign intended to serve a wider range of central heating and chiller applications requiring expanded total system volume and increased thermal inertia.

This range of carbon steel primary system vessels – available in 300-5,000 litre capacities – is a key element for maintaining comfortable temperatures in commercial buildings for occupant The most common applications are based around chiller plants, fan coil units (FCUs) or air source heat pumps (ASHPs).   When used in combination with traditional chillers, the tanks create a buffer, allowing the chiller to operate in longer cycles even during peak demand periods. This reduces energy costs and extends chiller lifespan.  In buildings with FCUs, the CWT provides the cool water circulated through the FCUs’ heat exchangers, cooling the air in individual rooms or zones. Chilled water tanks can also be integrated with reversible ASHPs.

During cooling periods CWT can be used to store chilled water; during heating seasons they could be used as thermal buffers for hot water generated by the heat pump, although designated tanks for heating and cooling are recommended for commercial-scale applications.

CWT can also be combined with solar thermal systems where heat captured from solar thermal collectors can be deployed in an absorption chiller where a refrigerant is boiled, creating expanding and cooling vapour to produce chilled water held in the CWT which is supplied with a 25mm insulation vapour barrier. This combination of solar thermal and inertia vessel can save significant amounts of energy, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills, not only during the summer months but also contributing pre-cooling in shoulder seasons.

The CWT range is suitable for use with working pressures up to 3 bar standard, 6 bar also available and temperatures from -10 to 95°C. The entire range is supported by a selection of ancillaries including control and overheat thermostats, automatic air vents, and gauges.

Commercial buildings with cooling needs will benefit most from the efficiency gains offered by CWT vessels and, with multiple connection options compatibility is maximised enabling the tanks to be integrated with various systems. Factoring in the capability to facilitate the use of renewable energy sources for cooling, plus the energy savings and reduced operational costs over time, capital investment in this range of standard vessels proves extremely cost-effective. Plus their adoption also helps organisations to contribute towards sustainability objectives and achieve strategic goals as part of a building-wide net zero initiative.

Seek professional guidance from Adveco to evaluate your chilled water demands. We can help determine if CWTs are the key to unlocking a more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable cooling solution for your commercial space.

CWT Features

  • 300-5,000 litre capacity
  • Standard working pressure 3 bar. 6 bar available on request
  • Working temperature range -10 to +95 C
  • High-quality carbon steel construction
  • Multiple high, mid & low-level connections
  • Ideal for central heating and cooling systems

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