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Adveco Upgrades GL Range Of Cylinders

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco has upgraded its GL range (GLC & GLT) of hot water tanks for 2024. These off-the-shelf cylinders offer low-cost carbon steel shells with a high-quality inorganic enamel lining for commercial hot water projects (DHW) projects requiring direct electric heating, buffer storage, indirect heating or preheat.

Single-coil GLC and twin-coil GLT models from 200 to 1000 litres, now incorporate an additional connection located on the upper side of the cylinder providing greater versatility for installation. This addition ensures there are ports available for all common ancillary items, allowing the hot water tanks to be used effectively in a wider range of applications.

“For the majority of applications, where cylinders are installed as part of an unvented hot water system, the new connection added to the GL range will serve as a dedicated port for a temperature and pressure relief valve, allowing other high-level connections on the front and top of the tanks to be filled with thermostats or sensors and anodic protection,” said Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco.  “This will help ensure a system operates efficiently and is sufficiently protected from corrosive effects of mains water to provide increased longevity.”

Insulation jackets provided with the 750L and 1000L models have also been upgraded to a removable design manufactured from soft polyester fibre. This new insulation provides equal or better thermal performance for heat retention to minimise standing losses from the tanks. It also enables their removal to temporarily reduce the diameter of the hot water tanks for the purposes of manoeuvring and installing the GL range of tanks in areas with limited access.

Designed to work with water conditions typically encountered across the UK, GL range of vessels are suitable for use in systems with maximum working pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 85°C.  They include as standard a magnesium sacrificial anode (pre-fitted in 300-1000L variants), and a temperature gauge (pre-fitted in tanks up to 1000L).

Carrying both WRAS and Kiwa’s KUKreg4 certification of product compliance with the water supply (water fittings) regulations for England, Scotland, and NI, GLC, GLT and GLE offer a quick, cost-effective and assured option for the replacement of vessels in ageing commercial hot water systems.

Adveco GLC

Carbon steel calorifiers with a single fixed indirect heating coil at low level are designed to serve as indirect water heaters or preheat vessels. Available in 200 to 3000 litres capacities, GLC can also accept a 180mm 3-36kW electric immersion.

Adveco GLT

GLT carbon steel calorifiers are designed to serve as indirect water heaters. The tanks, also available in 200 to 3000 litres capacities incorporate two fixed indirect heating coils, one each at low and high level, designed for use with two separate heat sources.

Adveco GLE

Designed to serve as buffer vessel or electric water heater, the Adveco GLE is available in a range of sizes from 200 to 5000L to support larger all-electric systems. Compatible with a wide choice of direct electric immersion heater options available from Adveco, the GLE supports duty immersions from 3 to 36 kW, as well as secondary supplementary immersions from 3 to 6 kW for additional heating, or as backup to ensure continuity of service from a single unit.