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Adveco AD Wall-Mounted Water Heaters For Commercial Properties

A range of three compact commercial semi-instantaneous gas condensing water heaters Perfect for applications requiring direct contact with soft and softened water Compact and smart for no-nonsense installation and maintenance Commercial hot water specialist Adveco, announces the Adveco AD range of high-efficiency condensing gas-fired wall-mounted water heaters. Designed to provide a compact, high capacity and … Read more

Building Sustainability Into Commercial DHW

building sustainability into commercial hot water DHW

For more than fifty years, Adveco has been a leading innovator providing domestic hot water (DHW) applications for commercial-scale projects across the UK. Today its focus is shifting to encompass a blend of traditional and new, more renewable technologies in the form of solar thermal and especially heat pumps building sustainability into commercial DHW systems. … Read more

Heat Pumps – The Cost Of Reducing Emissions

With the government strongly advocating the use of heat pumps as a method of delivering net zero targets for commercial properties, we have noticed the trend for broad statements implying that while cutting emissions, heat pumps also reduce the energy costs for a building. It’s just not that simple argues Adveco’s UK sales manager Greg Brushett. … Read more

Adveco ADplus Instantaneous Commercial Water Heaters

ADPlus instantaneous commercial water heating

A range of three compact floor-standing commercial instantaneous gas-fired condensing water heaters with built-in storage tank Perfect for all water qualities with a 5-year warranty on burner and heat exchangers Commercial hot water specialist Adveco, announces the Adveco ADplus range of high-power gas-fired condensing water heaters featuring an integrated 120-litre stainless steel water storage tank … Read more

Keeping Hot Water Flowing

keeping hot water flowing commercial buildings

Keeping hot water flowing is critical in the commercial sector, where domestic hot water (DHW) appliances will be subjected to extremely hostile conditions, with high temperatures, thermal stress and flue gas condensate on the combustion side and oxygen, minerals and chemical attacks leading to potential corrosion on the waterside. Given this harsh daily treatment, regular … Read more

Adveco AD: Providing Continuity of Service in Soft Water Conditions

Adveco water heating systems

• The Adveco AD range of compact commercial semi-instantaneous gas condensing water heaters • Perfect for applications requiring direct contact with soft and softened water • Highly efficient modular design offers continuity of service in one appliance.  Or can be deployed as an on-gas system backup for larger-scale heat pumps projects Commercial hot water specialist … Read more

Installing commercial heat pumps – what to look for

Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Adveco’s FPi32 commercial heat pumps range are not only a renewable source of hot water with low running costs but are one of the easiest to fit when it comes to installing commercial heat pumps. With the government-led push to replace ageing commercial hot water systems with new, more environmentally friendlier technologies, the demands for … Read more

Adveco SSB-E Lower Carbon Electric Water Heating

Close up of hot water system from Adveco

The Adveco SSB-E is a range of tough, stainless steel electric water heaters for commercial DHW applications. Based on the SSB buffer vessel, the SSB-E, through the addition of a specialised single or double-mounting flanges integrates electric immersions becoming a full-fledged electric water heater. SSB-E is available from 200 to 2500 litre capacity variants with … Read more

Fossil Fuels – Their Future In UK Commercial Buildings

Fossil Fuels and sustainability in commercial building projects

The future of fossil fuels is a key issue that needed to be addressed by the government’s Heating & Buildings Strategy report which was published late last year. Statistics (PDF) from the Non-Domestic National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (ND-NEED) from the Department for Business, Energy, & Industry Strategy (BEIS) defined more than 1,656,000 non-domestic buildings in … Read more

FUSION Commercial Hybrid Hot Water Systems from Adveco

FUSION Commercial Hybrid Hot Water Systems from Adveco

FUSION is a complete range of low carbon hybrid heat pump and electric hot water systems Resilient stainless steel water heating suitable for all UK regions Compact design for new build and refurbishment projects seeking greater sustainability Commercial hot water specialist Adveco, introduces the FUSION FPH-S range of low carbon, all-electric, packaged hybrid hot water … Read more